Ricochet played a major role in my surgery. The healing time was definitely shortened and I believe it had a great deal to do with preventing infection.

Tom G., Ford Cliff, PA

Patients facing surgery have a lot of stress. They may be afraid, worried about medical bills, complications, and about the road to recovery which lies on the other side.

That’s where RICOCHET comes in. RICOCHET is scientifically formulated by Ricochet Nutrition to offer your body the natural, nutritional compounds it needs to stand up to the immense physical stresses of surgery or chemotherapy treatment.


Optimize Your Outcome with RICOCHET


RICOCHET is an evidence-backed nutritional formula designed to help fortify your body to optimize your outcome and recovery. It contains ingredients such as nucleotides, antioxidants, arginine, omega-3’s, glutamine, all of which have been shown in studies enhance the body’s ability to deal with the acute stress of surgery. For more information regarding these studies, you can check out our research page.

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It’s Not a Drug, It’s Nutrition

Many people ask whether they need a prescription for RICOCHET. One of the awesome things about RICOCHET is that it isn’t actually a drug. It’s just good nutrition. RICOCHET offers your body vital compounds to help prepare it for the difficulties of surgery or disease treatment, with no prescription required. Simply have two drinks a day for the six days leading up to your treatment, and have two drinks a day for the six days afterward. This allows your body the time to build up its immune system with the help of our specially-formulated drink and to help rebuild it after surgery.

It’s important to remember that RICOCHET is not a meal replacement. It’s an immunonutritional drink intended to enhance your body’s nutrition alongside a meal. Enjoying the drink with a meal is recommended because it will help your body absorb the key ingredients necessary to help enhance your immune system.

Advanced Recovery with RICOCHET

You may be thinking that RICOCHET sounds similar to other products on the market. This is not the case. Ricochet Nutrition intentionally designed RICOCHET differently to advance your recovery.

It’s not just a multivitamin in a tasty, drinkable form. RICOCHET offers ingredients that you won’t find in those other drinks, and this is what sets Ricochet Nutrition apart from the rest. By reading through the scientific literature and evaluating its results, the team at Ricochet Nutrition has designed an optimized formula that works.

Advanced Recovery