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Patients today want reassurance that they are receiving the absolute best healthcare, and when choosing a physician, people examine a variety of factors, including rates of surgery compilations and rates of remission after treatment. With increased access to medical information, people are no longer satisfied with basic solutions. Instead, they look for physicians who care for their patients by seeking new and effective treatments and better ideas and products. Due to their ability to reduce surgical complications and optimize recovery, more and more medical professionals are looking into immunonutrition products, which is why you should consider recommending RICOCHET from Ricochet Nutrition to your patients.

Changes in the Healthcare System

Naturally, medical professionals want all of their patients to recover from illness, injury, and surgery without complications, but with recent changes in the healthcare system, there are even greater incentives for successful treatment. Today, hospitals are not only ethically and morally responsible for their patients’ health, but financially responsible for the outcomes of their patients’ treatment as well. With new rules and regulations, the government has placed the cost of surgery complications onto hospitals, making the need for successful remission more important than ever. At Ricochet Nutrition, we know that many medical professionals are looking for new ways to increase their patient’s chances of recovery, which is why many doctors are looking into the benefits of immunonutrition.

The Benefits of Immunonutrition

Immunonutrition is grounded in something humans have done for centuries: using natural remedies to treat illness. Utilizing specifically combined nutrients, immunonutrition modulates the body’s immune, inflammatory, and metabolic pathways, which helps reduce the chances of complications before and after surgery and other high-stress events. The nutrients that are key to the success of immunonutrition include Arginine, Glutamine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Nucleotides, and Antioxidants. Backed up with more than 500 published studies and decades of research, immunonutrition can and does reduce complications and optimize the recovery process.

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At Ricochet Nutrition, we know that patients today demand more from their doctors. With greater access to medical information and changes in the healthcare industry, patients want to know that their physicians search for new and improved ways to increase their patient’s chances of successful recovery. For physicians, the solution is immunonutrition. The ingredients in RICOCHET, formulated for advanced recovery, are proven to significantly reduce complications and optimize your patient’s return to health. By recommending that your patients look into Ricochet Nutrition, you are sure to stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about RICOCHET, contact Ricochet Nutrition today.

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X-rays for total hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement Recovery Advice

X-rays for total hip replacement

Gone are the days when you find yourself in danger when you schedule total hip replacement or total knee replacement surgery. As these surgeries continue to become more and more precise, the likelihood that something will go wrong is quite slim. But this doesn’t mean that your total hip replacement will be a success. What determines the success of your surgery depends on how you respond to and recover from the surgery. If you want enhanced recovery after surgery, you might want to follow the advice of our Ricochet Nutrition team.

Keep Up with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy after a total hip or total knee replacement is far from easy. The stretches and exercises can cause pain. Worse, they can make you frustrated. We can no longer do the simple things we could just a week before the surgery. We thought the total hip replacement was supposed to help us! It will help, but this takes time. When it comes to physical therapy, you have to focus on the small gains. A bit more rotation today. An extra step or two without pain the next. Whatever you do, stick to your physical therapy.

Keep Your Movement Up

You will probably have the ability to get back to normal activity in three to six weeks. Once you can get back to normal activity, take advantage of this. You cannot afford to stay stagnant. Exercise is the best antidote to the pain and the lack of range of motion that accompanies a total hip replacement. Once you get full-ability to move, do not avoid movement. Try to walk a little more each day. Do not push yourself to the point of injury but do push yourself to go a little further each day.

Keep Your Weight Down

Gaining too much weight after surgery can hamper your success in recovery. Surgery will make it difficult for you to exercise in a natural way. It’s important during this period that you do what you can to stay as active as you can and keep up a good diet. Gearing your diet for recovery will help you keep off the weight. Keeping a healthy weight will become important in the future when you can start exercising again. Too much weight will increase the likelihood of injuring your hip.

Ricochet Nutrition has developed an entire line of immunonutritional food with your health in mind. Our medical food tastes great, and we pack it with all the ingredients needed to help you keep your weight off and stay healthy.

Healthy Total Hip Replacement Recovery From Ricochet Nutrition

When it comes to staying healthy and happy during your total hip replacement recovery, nothing works like a bottle of Ricochet Nutrition. Our products are packed full of ingredients necessary to keep you healthy and to aid in your recovery. To get started, contact us today!


- Total Hip Replacement: Tips for Recovery

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