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Patients today want reassurance that they are receiving the absolute best healthcare, and when choosing a physician, people examine a variety of factors, including rates of surgery compilations and rates of remission after treatment. With increased access to medical information, people are no longer satisfied with basic solutions. Instead, they look for physicians who care for their patients by seeking new and effective treatments and better ideas and products. Due to their ability to reduce surgical complications and optimize recovery, more and more medical professionals are looking into immunonutrition products, which is why you should consider recommending RICOCHET from Ricochet Nutrition to your patients.

Changes in the Healthcare System

Naturally, medical professionals want all of their patients to recover from illness, injury, and surgery without complications, but with recent changes in the healthcare system, there are even greater incentives for successful treatment. Today, hospitals are not only ethically and morally responsible for their patients’ health, but financially responsible for the outcomes of their patients’ treatment as well. With new rules and regulations, the government has placed the cost of surgery complications onto hospitals, making the need for successful remission more important than ever. At Ricochet Nutrition, we know that many medical professionals are looking for new ways to increase their patient’s chances of recovery, which is why many doctors are looking into the benefits of immunonutrition.

The Benefits of Immunonutrition

Immunonutrition is grounded in something humans have done for centuries: using natural remedies to treat illness. Utilizing specifically combined nutrients, immunonutrition modulates the body’s immune, inflammatory, and metabolic pathways, which helps reduce the chances of complications before and after surgery and other high-stress events. The nutrients that are key to the success of immunonutrition include Arginine, Glutamine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Nucleotides, and Antioxidants. Backed up with more than 500 published studies and decades of research, immunonutrition can and does reduce complications and optimize the recovery process.

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At Ricochet Nutrition, we know that patients today demand more from their doctors. With greater access to medical information and changes in the healthcare industry, patients want to know that their physicians search for new and improved ways to increase their patient’s chances of successful recovery. For physicians, the solution is immunonutrition. The ingredients in RICOCHET, formulated for advanced recovery, are proven to significantly reduce complications and optimize your patient’s return to health. By recommending that your patients look into Ricochet Nutrition, you are sure to stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about RICOCHET, contact Ricochet Nutrition today.

More Information

The help and support of friends and family while someone is recovering from surgery can make all the difference in the quality of life post-clinical work. Having helping hands available will help lead to an easier, safer recovery period for the patient. Ricochet Nutrition is invested in helping people who are going through one of the most stressful times of their life, people preparing and recovering from surgery. Over the years speaking with customers we have learned some successful ways that friends and family can help their loved ones to transition back home and recover successfully. Read on to learn a few of the more successful methods.

Start With the Basics

It is always a good idea, to begin with preparing the home to ensure a smooth recovery. Some people like to make a “recovery room” in an easily accessible place for the patient. Friends or family can set up a room in the house that will have everything the patient may need, this can include things like a comfortable place to rest and sleep, entertainment, easy access to a phone with a charger in case they need help, sensible sleepwear, access to toiletries, etc. The less they need to move around the better, provide them with the basics so they can rest while recovering from surgery.

Help Out With Food

Food is one of the biggest issues post-surgery. The recovering patient will need to eat, but food preparation can be a difficult and time-consuming process. One of the best ways to help your loved one while they are recovering from surgery is to provide them with food or help them with food prep. Offer to go on a grocery run for them occasionally. Bring over easy to prepare meals for them. Meals like casseroles, soups, lasagnas that can be reheated and will provide multiple meals are a great choice. Food preparation when recovering from surgery can be much more difficult than you may expect.

Offer to do Chores Around the House

Instead of offering to have them call you if they need something, offer to help with specific chores. They will be more likely to accept help this way and will not feel like they are bothering you. Things like laundry, dishes, dusting, and vacuuming can be difficult during the recovery period. If they have pets offer to walk them for your loved one. The more they can rest while recovering from surgery the quicker the process will be.

RICOCHET While Recovering from Surgery

Making certain your patient has the best chance at an easier, healthier recovery includes making sure they get the immunonutrition to boost their immune system and aid in the recovery process. Contact Ricochet Nutrition to learn how our scientifically-backed advanced recovery formula can RICOCHET the patient into better health.

- How Friends and Family Can Help While Recovering From Surgery

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