I purchased a case for my brother who is battling stage 4 lung cancer. He has been through so many chemo treatments, I have lost count. After his first day of Ricochet, he instantly could tell a difference! His recovery time after chemo and his multiple hospital stays was significant compared to before he was taking Ricochet. Thank you!

Misty C., Springfield, MO

RICOCHET is immunonutrition scientifically formulated to decrease the adverse effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.

In a meta-analysis of 681 patients immunonutrition decreased the incidence of Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) in Bone Marrow Transplant patients by 19%1

Glutamine supplementation demonstrated a significant reduction in Vincristine induced sensory neuropathy and a significant increase in self-reported quality of life scores in a RCT of patients newly diagnosed with a childhood malignancy.2

Immunonutrition improved functional capacities in Head & Neck and esophageal cancer patients undergoing radiochemotherapy.3 This RCT demonstrated patients with immunonutrition had:
Significant gain in total body weight
Improvement in Albuminemia
Improvement in NRI (nutritional risk index)
Improvement in plasma antioxidant capacity


In a RCT patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy for esophageal cancer randomly received ω-3-rich enteral nutrition.4 This study showed:

ω-3-rich EN support decreased the frequency of chemotherapyinduced mucosal toxicities, such as stomatitis and diarrhea, and exhibited a hepatoprotective effect during chemotherapy, compared with the ω-3-poor EN support.


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