Vitamin D’s Role In Healing

Vitamin D And Healing

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Are you having a hard time recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness? Vitamin D can help your body heal faster. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition explains why Vitamin D is helpful when it comes to healing.

Vitamin D And Wound Healing

Vitamin D is a group of vitamins that helps to increase the absorption of important properties like magnesium, phosphate, and calcium. Calcium helps strengthen bones. If you have had a surgery that involves cutting into bone, you will be needing vitamin D to aid in calcium absorption and strengthen your bones. Vitamin D is also responsible for producing antimicrobial peptides which can help to fight infections that can lead to additional complications. Vitamin D deficiency is often common during the healing process, so it is important to supplement your diet with additional vitamin D.

What Is The Best Way To Get Vitamin D?

While it is commonly known that sunshine is one of the best ways to receive vitamin D, you may not be in the proper condition post-surgery to be able to go outside and sit in the sun. Taking a vitamin-rich supplement can work, but you should make sure that it has other vitamins and minerals in it that are also essential to the recovery process. If you have trouble swallowing pills, or if you have a medical condition that causes you to choke often, it is a good idea to invest in a liquid supplement.

Ricochet Nutrition Products

Richocent Nutrition Products are supplements that come in a convenient and delicious liquid form that has been designed specifically to work with your body as it recovers. Contact us today for more information about our immunonutrition products.

Iron’s Role In Healing The Body

Iron’s Role In Healing

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Recovery isn’t easy. It takes time and patience. It also takes fuel. If you want to fuel your body properly, you should make sure that you are ingesting plenty of iron. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition explains why iron is so beneficial.

What Does Iron Do?

Iron is a very essential mineral that is not only responsible for supporting hemoglobin cells, which lead to blood oxygenation, but also for healthy skin, nails, and mucous membranes. Iron is also responsible for collagen synthesis and Vitamin D metabolism. Iron also plays a role in bone health.

Iron And Recovery

Since Iron is responsible for transporting oxygen-rich hemoglobin blood cells to the wound site, it is easy to see why it is an important material in terms of healing. Simply put, if the infection site does not receive the oxygen it requires, it cannot fully heal. This prolonged healing process can lead to infection at a wound site. It is important to make sure that you are properly supplementing your body both before and after surgery. Taking iron at the same time as you take Vitamin C will help your body to properly absorb the iron that your body needs to help heal itself.

Ricochet Nutrition Products

Ricochet Nutrition products contain Iron and other important components that ensure that your body has the proper foundational elements in place prior to your surgery so that your recovery process is smoother and simpler. Contact us for more information.

Medical Food And Cancer

Medical Food’s Role In Cancer Treatment

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If you are recovering from cancer or currently have cancer, you may be wondering what you can do to help support your body. Medical food can help your body to heal. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition provides insight into why medical food is so helpful when it comes to healing.

What Can Medical Food Do?

Cancer elevates your risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. These can occur because of cancer or due to any surgeries or therapies. Cancer itself is often responsible for metabolism changes and also for a loss of appetite. The two combined can lead to extreme weight loss.

What Food Sources Are Good Options?

It is important that people who are going through cancer treatments nourish their bodies properly. High-calorie diets are often beneficial, as they help to prevent weight loss. Dairy products can help. Fruits and vegetables also play an important role in balancing your diet. Fruit juices are more beneficial than whole fruits, as they are easier to eat and digest. It is also important that your body gets the proper vitamins and minerals to ensure that it is healing properly.

Ricochet Nutrition Can Help

If you are looking for a medical food product that will help you to gain the additional supplements that you need, consider the Ricochet Nutrition line. Specifically formulated to optimize your outcome and packed with helpful nutrients, this may be the right option for you. Contact us for more information.

Medical Food And Surgery Recovery

Medical Food’s Role In Surgery Recovery

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If you are about to go into surgery, you are likely worried about your recovery period. Medical food can help you to recover more rapidly. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition shares information about medical food and its healing properties.

What Is Medical Food?

Medical foods are foods that have been created to help you manage or recover from a disease, surgery, or illness. These foods help you to gather the nutritional properties that you might not normally get from your regular diet.

How Does It Help?

Medical foods that are high in protein can help bones and muscles to rebuild and assists your immune system as it fights off possible infection. Vitamin C rich foods help your body to produce collagen. Medical foods that contain calcium allow your bones to become stronger. Additionally, medical food helps your body to gain the calories that it needs after it burns calories due to surgery stress.

Ricochet Nutrition Can Help You Heal

If you are looking for a medical food option that will help your body to get many of the main nutrients it needs to heal, consider Ricochet Nutrition products. Contact us if you have any questions about our formula and its results.

Vitamin E’s Role In Healing

How Vitamin E Heals The Body

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Vitamin E is found in a host of skin care products and is considered to be a great way to help skin stay healthy. Why? What does Vitamin E do that makes it so unique? In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition explains why Vitamin E is important to your body’s healing process.

Vitamin E Helps You Heal

If you have a healing wound or an incision site from surgery, Vitamin E can help your body to restore healthy skin to the area. The following points explain why Vitamin E is important.

  • Fighting Free radicals- Vitamin E helps destroy damage caused by free radicals, or potentially negative compounds our body produces when food is converted to energy.  
  • Antioxidant Activator- Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, helping clear the body of damage from harmful compounds.
  • Immunity Expander- Vitamin E helps to fortify the body’s immune system, helping it fight off harmful invaders like viruses or bacteria.  
  • Blood Clot Battler- Vitamin E helps to stretch blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and reducing the likelihood of blood clots.

Need Some Extra Vitamin E?

If you would like to bolster your body’s ability to heal, consider trying Ricochet Nutrition ’s products. Each nutritional supplement is packed with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal, including Vitamin E. Contact us today for more information.

Vitamin C’s Role In Healing

How Vitamin C Heals The Body

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You may know that your body needs it regularly, but do you know that Vitamin C can help your body heal after an injury or surgery? In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition provides you with information regarding Vitamin C and it’s healing properties

Vitamin C’s Healing Qualities

Vitamin C has a few attributes that make it unique in terms of wound healing. The following are points are all ways that Vitamin C helps stimulate healing properties within the body.

Collagen Production- Collagen helps new skin cells work to form new skin in damaged areas. Essentially, Collagen promotes the growth of new tissue cells on wound sites.  Vitamin C helps collagen form properly, thereby increasing the healing rate of a wound or incision site.

Immune System-  A healthy immune system helps keep you from getting sick.  Vitamin C bolsters the immune system, which can help protect your body, especially if you have a wound or incision site that is healing.

Counters InflammationAfter surgery or an injury, it is not uncommon for swelling and inflammation to occur. Vitamin C aids your body in battling off inflammation.


Vitamin E Absorption- Vitamin E can help your body and your skin heal after surgery or injury. Vitamin C helps protect the Vitamin E in your body and helps to keep it in its most active form.


Ricochet Nutrition Products Can Help Heal

If you are looking for a product that can help increase your Vitamin C intake, look no farther than Ricochet Nutrition. Combining quality ingredients into effective products is our passion, and our current Advanced Recovery Nutrition Formula contains a significant amount of Vitamin C. Contact us today for more information.

Reducing Stress After Surgery

Tips For Reducing Stress After Surgery

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After you have surgery, you may be worried about a wide array of things. You may wonder about your healing process, or if the surgery is as effective as you hoped it might be. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition provides you with tips on how you can manage your post-surgery stress.

In The First Days After Your Surgery

Instead of instantly worrying about your progress, think about how happy and relieved you are to have had the surgery. Remind yourself that while the healing process may be a bit difficult and stressful, the surgery is finished! If you are feeling extreme pain, or are feeling as though something could be wrong, contact your medical professional. Your surgical team is happy to respond to your questions and concerns you as you recover. If you received any literature regarding healing after your surgery, now might be a good time to look it over. The literature that you have been given offers information on progress, so you can know what milestones to look forward to. Knowing what your body may go through and having a timeline for healing might help relieve your stress.  Take some time to yourself and try to relax. You have just had a procedure done, so you should take a bit of time to let your body rest. Do not expect to feel fantastic immediately. Listen to your medical professional, and don’t push yourself. Try deep breathing techniques, reading books, catching up on favorite tv shows or podcasts, and taking space to yourself. Nourish your body with healthy and healing nutrients to ensure that your body is healing appropriately.

In The Weeks After Your Surgery

After a week or so, you might start feeling a bit less stressed. If you are feeling extremely anxious or depressed, reach out to your doctor. You may be having a depressive episode after surgery. This is not something that you should take lightly. Reach out to your provider and talk about post-surgery depression. Consider seeing a therapist or counselor. Medications you are taking to regulate pain may cause anxiety or depressive episodes. Unsure if it is your medication, post-surgery depression, or just your anxiety? Talk to your doctor.

Ricochet Nutrition Helps Heal

Your body needs nutrients to heal! Essential vitamins and minerals are often lost in our daily diet. If you are worried about making sure that your body is receiving some of the main components it needs to heal, try Ricochet Nutrition. Our products are formulated carefully to ensure that the included ingredients can help the body to heal. Contact us today for more information.

Reducing Stress Before Surgery

Tips For Reducing Stress Prior To Surgery

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If you are preparing to have surgery, you might be feeling very anxious. Although it can be hard to make yourself take a moment and calm down, it is worth it for your body and your mind. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition provides you with a few helpful tips on how to feel calm prior to surgery.

In The Days Before Surgery

If you are feeling stressed about your upcoming surgery, it may be a good idea to talk to a medical professional about your concerns. Scouring the internet to learn more can lead you down a rabbit hole that may leave you feeling more anxious than when you began your research. Your provider may have some information that can help ease your worries, and they will be open to talking with you about your concerns. Common stress-relieving techniques might help you as well.

Consider reading a good book, listening to calming music, or taking a leisurely walk if you are able. If you tend to regulate your stress through alcohol or cigarette usage, cut that prior to surgery. These unhealthy stress management habits can cause the body to heal incorrectly after surgery. Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water is also a good way to prepare your body for surgery. Making sure you receive lots of nutrients is a great idea! Make sure that you are taking the steps to prepare your body from the inside out!

The Day Of Surgery

The day of your surgery will most likely be a day of peak stress. Listening to music, reading, talking openly with loved ones and seeking solace from your medical professionals can help. If you meditate, carve out a moment of time to yourself before you leave for the hospital. Watching a favorite show, listening to a comforting podcast, or reading a good book can help provide some additional comfort and make you feel calmer. Breathing exercises are also very helpful for reducing stress. To learn more about breathing techniques as stress relief, visit The American Institute of Stress website.  

Ricochet Nutrition Can Help

If you are still feeling stressed, Ricochet Nutrition products can help your body to prepare for surgery. Packed with helpful and healing vitamins and minerals, Ricochet products are formulated to help your body obtain nutrients it may not get enough of. If you have any questions about Ricochet Nutrition products, contact us today.

Ricochet Nutrition: Vitamins That Boost Your Immune System

Boosting Your Immune System With Ricochet Nutrition

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If you want to eat well and keep your immune system healthy, vitamins are a great way to ensure that you’re getting the supplements your body needs. Here are the four best vitamins to take if you’re looking to boost your immune system health.

Vitamin C

If you’re looking to boost your immune system fast and prevent sickness, Vitamin C is a great nutrient to improve immune system health quickly. Vitamin C helps to stimulate both the production and function of white blood cells. It also helps your body to produce important antibodies that help stop infections and germs in their tracks. Vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant properties help protect white blood cells from the toxic substances they use to ward off pathogens that can cause us harm. Citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C, making them the best thing to eat if you hear of a cold going around.


Studies show that Zinc is a vitamin that not only improves immune system health but also reduces inflammation in the body. Scientists have hypothesized that proteins bring zinc into key cells that are first-responders to fight infections or diseases. Zinc then helps balance the immune system during this process so that it can continue fighting off the infection. Zinc-rich foods include oysters, red meat, beans, nuts, and other types of seafood.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is known to make a protein called interleukin-2, which helps direct the actions of white blood cells. That is great news for your immune system since white blood cells help fight off the bad germs trying to make your body sick or weak. The best sources of vitamin B6 are liver, poultry, whole grain cereals, eggs, vegetables, and soybeans. These ingredients can be found in many everyday foods, making it easy to maintain healthy levels of this nutrient.

Vitamin E

Our bodies need Vitamin E to assist in boosting the immune system so that we can continue fighting off bacteria and viruses. Foods like nuts, seeds, broccoli, spinach, and vegetable oils are some of the easiest ways to gain more Vitamin E throughout your daily diet.

Boost Your Immune System With Ricochet Nutrition

Ricochet Nutrition includes ingredients such as Arginine, Glutamine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Nucleotides, and Antioxidants. These are key sources of immunonutrition that boost and regulate your immune system to get you back on your feet after surgery. Have any questions about Ricochet Nutrition? Call us at (417) 777-0797 to learn more about our products today!

Ricochet Nutrition: The Best Times to Schedule Your Surgery

Ricochet Nutrition Recommends These Surgery Times

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Scheduling surgery can be tricky. It is important to make sure that your plan maximizes your health outcomes, while still working within your own schedule and your doctor’s schedule. Read on in today’s blog from Ricochet Nutrition to learn about the best times to schedule your surgery.

The Earlier the Better

Scheduling your surgery early in the morning can have quite a few benefits. The earlier you get started, the earlier you can be finished. This reduces the likelihood of an unnecessary overnight hospital stay. Surgical departments tend to get busy later in the afternoon, so you can expect a calmer and easier experience during surgery earlier in the day. Hospital staff are generally more aware and awake in the mornings, reducing the chances of medical error and improving health outcomes.

Schedule for Winter Surgery

Winter months are perfect for recovering from surgery. While summer may sound ideal, we don’t advise it. July is when most medical students graduate and start working full-time in hospitals. While most new doctors excel at their new positions, others may have a few slip-ups. Later in the year means less chance of working with a brand new doctor who may not have the most experience. Winter gives you time to cozy up by the fire and use those months to relax. Most likely you won’t be outside much anyway.

Avoid Big Holidays

While holidays sound like the best day to schedule a surgery, they can be dangerous for surgical patients. Hospitals often become overcrowded on these days, at the same time that many hospital staff members are on vacation. An understaffed hospital is not the best choice for surgery. If you want more attentive doctors and more care, stay away from holidays.

Try Ricochet Nutrition For Surgery Recovery

Do you need a product designed to get you back on your feet and feeling like yourself after surgery? Ricochet Nutrition is designed to improve your immune system and combat stress, infections, and diseases. Using our product a few days before and after your surgery will have you feeling like yourself in no time. Contact us at (417) 777-0797 to learn more!

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