I play Semi-Professional Football for a team out of Southwest Missouri. I took a really hard hit that broke the bone on the outside of my leg. At the time I didn’t have medical insurance, so I ordered a case of Ricochet Nutrition and drank it over the next week or so. I wore a boot for about a month. I never saw a doctor or had surgery and within 6 weeks after my injury I was running around on my leg with a fully healed fracture. Ricochet is the real deal and it put me back on the field faster.

Caleb Scott , Springfield, MO

Nutrition is a key component when it comes to optimal performance in sports. Athletes push their bodies to the limit in rigorous training regimens day in and day out. With this constant stress and work to the body there has to be adequate nutrition readily available to deliver the proper nutrients to those worked and exhausted muscles.

Ricochet Nutrition is the athlete’s elite immunonutrition product. This clinical-based medical food was specifically designed for the high stresses of sport performance. RICOCHET takes both a proactive and reactive approach to optimizing one’s ability to recover faster. This drink is to be consumed before and after training to help give you that competitive edge.

This complex formula focuses on 4 major micronutrients that drive athletic superiority:

Arginine is a vasodilator and conditionally essential amino acid. This means that it allows the heart to pump more blood at a lower level thus improving cardiovascular function.
Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid meaning that it must be attained from one’s diet under certain conditions, such as injury or illness. This building block for proteins also is fundamental in optimizing the immune system.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids are long chain fats that help to prevent heart disease and reduce inflammation. An athlete’s body needs this indispensable fat for cell membranes and for normal brain function and vision.
Dietary Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids. Nucleotides also play a critical role in metabolism and energy. Athletes need a surplus of Nucleotides as they train and look to replenish cells in the immune system and liver.

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