About Ricochet Nutrition

Woman in recovery with Ricochet NutritionRicochet Nutrition is a company dedicated to going where the science leads. Fifteen years’ worth of nutrition research shows that nutrition plays a significant role in wellness. Not only this, but nutrition can also boost a person’s immune system to better handle the significant deleterious effects of major surgeries and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. This field is referred to as “immunonutrition,” and it’s a growing science.

Our goal is twofold. We want to deliver to patients a reliable, prescription-free way to deal with the acute stress of complicated surgeries and disease treatments such as chemotherapy treatment for cancer. We also want to demonstrate to medical professionals the power of immunonutrition, because it holds a lot of potential for improving the ways patients view and compare their physicians, not to mention that improved patient outcomes mean better patient-physician relationships.

For Patients

As a patient preparing for surgery or oncology treatments, you may be feeling uneasy. You’re entering into a situation that brings with it significant emotional and physical stress. This stress alone can drag your immune system down, leaving you vulnerable to infection and illness. By reviewing the scientific literature to see what really works in immunonutrition, Ricochet Nutrition has formulated an optimized formula with you in mind.

RICOCHET, which is offered in two flavors (strawberry and coffee), comes with an evidence-based blend of antioxidants, glutamine, nucleotides, arginine, and omega-3 fatty acids, to boost your body’s immune system. By bolstering the immune system against pesky infection, you can reduce your risk for further complications after surgery or treatment. This not only saves you from the pains of more illness or treatments, but it saves your wallet from more pricey medical bills.

For Doctors

The healthcare landscape is changing, and nutrition’s role in that landscape is changing, too. Ricochet Nutrition recognizes that the costs of complications and readmissions have been placed on the shoulders of physicians and hospitals. In order to keep those costs low, it’s in both the patient’s and the treating physician’s interests to lower the chances for readmissions or complications. Immunonutrition provides a working solution to this issue by providing the patient with vital, necessary nutritional compounds that allow their bodies to sustain greater stress.

The ingredients specially formulated for RICOCHET are shown to do exactly that, which is why we want to encourage physicians to pursue the encouraging evidence regarding the power of immunonutrition.

The Ricochet Nutrition Difference

The team at Ricochet Nutrition has done its research to bring patients and physicians an affordable and powerful product. RICOCHET is a specially-formulated immunonutritional drink with ingredients shown by many studies to have noticeable, positive effects for patient recovery. Give it a try or give us a call to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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