Vitamin D And Healing

“Vitamin D” written on a chalkboard, surrounded by vitamin d rich foods.
Are you having a hard time recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness? Vitamin D can help your body heal faster. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition explains why Vitamin D is helpful when it comes to healing.

Vitamin D And Wound Healing

Vitamin D is a group of vitamins that helps to increase the absorption of important properties like magnesium, phosphate, and calcium. Calcium helps strengthen bones. If you have had a surgery that involves cutting into bone, you will be needing vitamin D to aid in calcium absorption and strengthen your bones. Vitamin D is also responsible for producing antimicrobial peptides which can help to fight infections that can lead to additional complications. Vitamin D deficiency is often common during the healing process, so it is important to supplement your diet with additional vitamin D.

What Is The Best Way To Get Vitamin D?

While it is commonly known that sunshine is one of the best ways to receive vitamin D, you may not be in the proper condition post-surgery to be able to go outside and sit in the sun. Taking a vitamin-rich supplement can work, but you should make sure that it has other vitamins and minerals in it that are also essential to the recovery process. If you have trouble swallowing pills, or if you have a medical condition that causes you to choke often, it is a good idea to invest in a liquid supplement.

Ricochet Nutrition Products

Richocent Nutrition Products are supplements that come in a convenient and delicious liquid form that has been designed specifically to work with your body as it recovers. Contact us today for more information about our immunonutrition products.