How Vitamin C Heals The Body

A collection of foods containing Vitamin C sits on a table.
You may know that your body needs it regularly, but do you know that Vitamin C can help your body heal after an injury or surgery? In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition provides you with information regarding Vitamin C and it’s healing properties

Vitamin C’s Healing Qualities

Vitamin C has a few attributes that make it unique in terms of wound healing. The following are points are all ways that Vitamin C helps stimulate healing properties within the body.
Collagen Production- Collagen helps new skin cells work to form new skin in damaged areas. Essentially, Collagen promotes the growth of new tissue cells on wound sites.  Vitamin C helps collagen form properly, thereby increasing the healing rate of a wound or incision site.
Immune System-  A healthy immune system helps keep you from getting sick.  Vitamin C bolsters the immune system, which can help protect your body, especially if you have a wound or incision site that is healing.

Counters InflammationAfter surgery or an injury, it is not uncommon for swelling and inflammation to occur. Vitamin C aids your body in battling off inflammation.


Vitamin E Absorption- Vitamin E can help your body and your skin heal after surgery or injury. Vitamin C helps protect the Vitamin E in your body and helps to keep it in its most active form.


Ricochet Nutrition Products Can Help Heal

If you are looking for a product that can help increase your Vitamin C intake, look no farther than Ricochet Nutrition. Combining quality ingredients into effective products is our passion, and our current Advanced Recovery Nutrition Formula contains a significant amount of Vitamin C. Contact us today for more information.