Tips For Reducing Stress After Surgery

A man who had surgery sits on a couch, relaxing.
After you have surgery, you may be worried about a wide array of things. You may wonder about your healing process, or if the surgery is as effective as you hoped it might be. In this blog, Ricochet Nutrition provides you with tips on how you can manage your post-surgery stress.

In The First Days After Your Surgery

Instead of instantly worrying about your progress, think about how happy and relieved you are to have had the surgery. Remind yourself that while the healing process may be a bit difficult and stressful, the surgery is finished! If you are feeling extreme pain, or are feeling as though something could be wrong, contact your medical professional. Your surgical team is happy to respond to your questions and concerns you as you recover. If you received any literature regarding healing after your surgery, now might be a good time to look it over. The literature that you have been given offers information on progress, so you can know what milestones to look forward to. Knowing what your body may go through and having a timeline for healing might help relieve your stress.  Take some time to yourself and try to relax. You have just had a procedure done, so you should take a bit of time to let your body rest. Do not expect to feel fantastic immediately. Listen to your medical professional, and don’t push yourself. Try deep breathing techniques, reading books, catching up on favorite tv shows or podcasts, and taking space to yourself. Nourish your body with healthy and healing nutrients to ensure that your body is healing appropriately.

In The Weeks After Your Surgery

After a week or so, you might start feeling a bit less stressed. If you are feeling extremely anxious or depressed, reach out to your doctor. You may be having a depressive episode after surgery. This is not something that you should take lightly. Reach out to your provider and talk about post-surgery depression. Consider seeing a therapist or counselor. Medications you are taking to regulate pain may cause anxiety or depressive episodes. Unsure if it is your medication, post-surgery depression, or just your anxiety? Talk to your doctor.

Ricochet Nutrition Helps Heal

Your body needs nutrients to heal! Essential vitamins and minerals are often lost in our daily diet. If you are worried about making sure that your body is receiving some of the main components it needs to heal, try Ricochet Nutrition. Our products are formulated carefully to ensure that the included ingredients can help the body to heal. Contact us today for more information.