Ricochet: Ways to Prepare For Spine Surgery

Doctor examining a man’s back
If you’re preparing for spinal surgery, it would be beneficial to make sure that you have certain things in place beforehand so that your transition from the hospital to home goes as smoothly as possible. Read our blog to find out what things you need to prepare before you have your spinal surgery.

Make Sure to Stay as Active as Possible

This can seem like an impossible task if you’re experiencing back pain. However, it will help you immensely during your recovery to be fit and maintain a healthy weight beforehand. Even something as simple as walking daily will be helpful in the long haul.

Make Sure to Stop Taking NSAIDs

If you’re taking any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), you need to stop taking them the week before surgery. The reason for this is that NSAIDS thin the blood which increases the risk of bleeding during surgery. Talk to your doctor about any medication you might be taking to see if it’s safe to take before surgery.

Make Sure to Surround Yourself with Support

After any surgery, but especially back surgery, you will need a lot of help. Make sure that you establish a group of family members and friends who will be able to act as a support system during your time of need. Talk to them about the things that you’ll need. Communication will be critical during this time.

Make Sure You’re Eating Right

Eating right is one of the best things you can do to prepare for and recover from surgery. If you’re looking for something to supplement a healthy diet, then consider purchasing some of our Ricochet recovery drinks. Proper nutrition during this time of both trauma and healing is essential. Our recovery shakes are filled with specific ingredients that are meant to help fuel recovery. For more information feel free to browse through our website or contact us today!