Ricochet: How Food Helps You Heal

Picture of healthy food laid out on a table
Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is the best way to speed up your recovery. Our body requires very specific nutrition to heal from something as traumatic as surgery. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to eat to get healthier faster, we’ve written a blog to help point you in the right direction.

Eat Lots of Fibrous Foods

Fiber is a crucial part of your diet if you’ve had surgery. The reason is that both anesthesia and pain medication can cause constipation. Though this may sound like a minor annoyance, it can be quite severe. It can cause a lot of pain as well as put extra pressure and stress on your incision (which is that last thing you want).

Avoid Food That Might Cause Constipation

Just like eating fiber to ease constipation is important, it’s also important to know what kinds of foods will slow your digestive tract. While you’re healing, avoid eating processed foods, dairy, red meat, and sugar.

Focus on Eating Protein

Eating protein will help heal your incision and boost your immune system. Protein helps build both muscle and bone, so no matter what kind of surgery you’ve had, protein will be a crucial ingredient for your recovery.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eating vegetables and fruit is always a good idea, especially when you’re recovering from surgery. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals that are crucial for rebuilding muscle, tendons, ligaments, and more.

Stock Up on Ricochet Recovery Drinks!

Our recovery drinks are an excellent supplement to a healthy diet. They are specifically designed to provide the nutrition you need to recover from your surgery quickly. We recommend drinking two a day for six days before and after your surgery. If you want to know more, browse our website or contact us today!