Ricochet Nutrition: Common Ways to Harm Your Immune System

Compromised Immune System
Ricochet is an immunonutrition formula from Ricochet Nutrition. Ricochet is intended to optimize your ability to recover from major illness, surgery or chemotherapy. These aren’t the only things that can tax your immune system, however. In today’s blog, Ricochet Nutrition looks at some common things you might be doing that are harmful to your immune system.

Not Enough Sun

Let’s be clear. Overexposure to harmful ultraviolet sun rays is bad for your overall health. Because of this, many people avoid sunlight as much as possible. However, completely avoiding sunlight can weaken your immune system. When exposed to sunlight, your body produces vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for proper functioning of T cells, which contribute to your body’s immune defenses. Likewise, vitamin D is important in calcium and bone metabolism. About 10 to 15 minutes of early morning sunlight can help your body produce vitamin D.

Not Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep can help you to feel rejuvenated, restored and ready to go for the next day. When you get good sleep your immune system is rejuvenated as well. A lack of sleep can reduce the healthy functioning of your immune system. Lack of sleep renders the immune system unable to restore its defensive ability at a cellular level. This is because the body produces important antibodies in the blood while you sleep. Ongoing sleep loss causes changes to the system that regulates your immune defense. Over time, these changes can contribute to the development of many health issues, including infection, stroke, obesity and heart disease.

Not Enough Physical Activity

If you don’t incorporate any form of exercise into your daily schedule, your immune system suffers a lot. Blood flow increases during exercise, which promotes the process of expelling toxic waste from your body. Proper exercise also promotes the circulation of antibodies and white blood cells that are important in fighting infections and diseases.

Not Enough Water

According to a 2012 study published in Luminescence, dehydration results in immune system suppression. Proper water intake helps the immune system fight off infection, and it helps to remove harmful toxins and waste products from the body. Dehydration also affects your energy level and sleep quality, making you less likely to exercise and sleep well, further weakening your immune system.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene exposes your body to harmful germs, making you susceptible to infections and diseases. Good habits can help your immune system keep germs at bay, such as brushing your teeth twice daily, regular hand washing, keeping your nails clean, and washing your clothes regularly.

Ricochet Nutrition is Here to Help

Ricochet Nutrition provides immunonutrition drinks designed to fortify your immune system and optimize the processes your body uses to combat stress, infections, and diseases. If you have questions about how Ricochet Nutrition’s can help you, contact us today.