Advancements in Spine Surgery From Ricochet Nutrition

Surgeon With Human Spine
Recovering from spine surgery can be a long process. Ricochet products from Ricochet Nutrition help give your body the nutrition it needs to recover from the physical stress of spine surgery. Ricochet is specially formulated with your health and recovery in mind.
Today, the experts at Ricochet Nutrition are taking a closer look at spine surgery and some of the modern advancements that are making this surgery less invasive and easier on patients.

Tubular Retractors

A tubular retractor is a hollow tube used after the surgeon makes a small incision. Once the incision is made, the surgeon inserts a small tubular retractor and gently moves muscles and soft tissue aside. This gives the surgeon the ability to perform a procedure by passing between the muscle fibers rather than having to cut through them. Multiple tubular retractors are passed over the first retractor to create a bigger space. Once the surgeon can see the area of the spine that will be operated on, he or she passes tiny surgical instruments through the space created by the retractors.

Spinal Navigation Technology

Spine surgery often involves taking an x-ray during the procedure to confirm the location of the spine, or to ensure proper placement of implants, such as hooks or plates. In the past decade, however, great advances have been made in this type of surgical navigation. Spinal navigation technology is more powerful than traditional x-ray technology. Spinal navigation technology uses computer and radiographic studies of the patient to allow the surgeon to know where he or she is at all times. This allows surgeons to more accurately place instruments, remove tumors and complete other precise tasks.

Ceramic and Carbon Fiber

Ceramic and carbon fiber are radiolucent. This means that spinal implants made from these materials do not show up on x-rays. The advantage of this is that, in bone fusion surgeries, the progress of the bone fusion is more clearly visible on medical imaging. This makes it much easier for medical professionals to assess the successful healing of spinal surgery.

Do You Have a Spine Surgery Coming Up?

One of the most important aspects of spine surgery recovery is ensuring your body has the proper immunonutrition needed to fight off infection and recovery fully. Ricochet is a medical drink that is designed to be taken before and after surgery to help improve your recovery time and optimize the outcomes of your procedure. Contact us today to see what Ricochet Nutrition has to offer.