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At Ricochet Nutrition, we believe that nutrition is key to the body’s ability to recover from surgery or chemotherapy treatment. We spent more than eight years studying immunonutrition and its key components in order to find the optimal formula to enhance a patient’s ability to recover from major illnesses or surgery. Our goal was to establish nutritional health as an integral part of the surgical and chemotherapy recovery process. Scientific research underpins everything we do to ensure that our product meets the standards demanded by the health industry. We designed RICOCHET with that goal in mind. As the industry leader in immuno-nutritional recovery drinks, we believe we have created the most advanced recovery drink available while using natural ingredients and maintaining a delicious taste.

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Optimize Your Outcome

Enjoying just one Ricochet Nutrition drink twice a day for 6 days before and after surgery or chemotherapy can reduce your chance of infections or other complications while fortifying your body’s ability to recover. RICOCHET is conveniently packaged in 12 or 24 bottle cases, perfectly designed for your recovery needs. If you want to give your body the best chance to get back to optimum levels, order RICOCHET today.


Don’t just bounce back from surgery or cancer treatment, RICOCHET yourself into better health. The Ricochet Nutrition advanced recovery immuno-nutritional formula contains natural proteins and nutrients scientifically proven to enhance your immune system. RICOCHET uses arginine, glutamine, omega-3 fatty acids, nucleotides, and antioxidants to create the perfect blend of ingredients designed to give you the boost you need to quickly recover after your surgery or cancer treatment.

The Power of Nutrition

RICOCHET is a nutritional formula – not a drug. No prescription is needed to experience the powerful healing effects of our advanced nutritional recovery formula. Our combination of key ingredients is specifically engineered to facilitate recovery from major illness, surgery, or cancer treatments. We believe in the power of our immuno-nutritional formula and our beliefs have been supported by scientific findings. Our vision is two-fold. We want to provide a reliable, prescription-free product that can help deal with the trauma of surgery and chemotherapy. Secondly, we want to demonstrate to medical professionals the effective nature of immunonutrition. We believe improving the success of medical treatment using immunonutrition helps to create a more effective and efficient healthcare system. Reducing medical costs and lowering patient readmission creates a healthier population and a better healthcare system and we believe RICOCHET is the key to that success.

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