Optimize Your Recovery

RICOCHET is an immunonutritional drink from Ricochet Nutrition intended to optimize your ability to recover from major illnesses, surgery, or chemotherapy treatment at any age.

RICOCHET is intended to be used in combination with a healthy daily diet. It is not a meal replacement, and it is not a substitute for a physician-recommended treatment of any illness or disease.

RICOCHET is a drink with an immunonutritional formula scientifically designed to fortify your immune system for advanced recovery and optimize the physiological processes your body uses to combat stress, infections, and illnesses.


Fortify Your Recovery

Drinking 2 bottles each day for 6 days before and 6 days after your surgery or cancer treatment will fortify your immune system and optimize your outcome.

Clinical studies have shown a decrease in complications after surgery and cancer chemotherapy treatments for patients who received an immunonutrition medical at least 5 -7 days before and continue to take it 5-7 days after their treatment or surgery. RICOCHET is conveniently packaged into 6-packs.

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