Enhance Your Recovery With Ricochet Nutrition

Now you have the power to improve your outcome.

We have the capacity to increase your body’s capability to heal after significant stress or trauma. Much like working out to enhance our muscles, Ricochet Nutrition can enhance your body’s ability to recover from diseases and illnesses like infections, cancer, or having major surgery. By implementing key components of the scientific findings behind immunonutrition, we have designed a medical formula engineered to increase your immune system and to improve your recovery time from surgery or chemotherapy.


For more than 20 years, scientists, nutritionists, and physicians have worked together to identify the key nutrients, vitamins, and proteins our body utilizes to fight infections and diseases. The main focus has been optimizing the immune system to control our inflammatory responses and enhance the metabolic pathways. Recent studies have clarified the role of specific immune-boosting nutrients and we now have a better understanding of the conditionally essential role of certain nutrients, especially their role in inflammation control, actions of white blood cells, the formation of antibodies, and resistance to disease. This study is known as “immunonutrition.” Early results have shown that patients who take immuno-nutritional formulas have quicker recovery times and a reduced rate of readmission. Studies show you have the ability to positively improve your recovery time with RICOCHET.

ThinkstockPhotos-81177413_edit Cancer survivor recovers with Ricochet Nutrition

Ricochet Nutrition Has Put In Years of Research

We at Ricochet Nutrition have spent more than eight years studying immunonutrition and its key components to develop an optimal formula with natural ingredients scientifically proven to enhance a patient’s ability to recover from major illnesses or surgery. These key ingredients include Arginine, Glutamine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Nucleotides, and Antioxidants. Each nutrient has been found to play a specific and important role in the improvement of the human immune system. RICOCHET is scientifically formulated with these critical nutrients in mind to enhance your immune system for advanced recovery.

The RICOCHET Difference

RICOCHET is specifically designed to enhance your body’s ability to recover from major illness, surgery, and/or cancer treatments. Our Ricochet Nutrition formula is designed to supplement, not replace, your regular, healthy daily diet. For maximum potential benefits and advanced recovery, drink two 8 oz bottles each day for six days prior to and after your surgery or chemotherapy treatment. Our RICOCHET product is designed around this treatment cycle, coming in conveniently packaged 12 and 24 bottle containers. If you are scheduled for surgery or chemotherapy now is the time to order and experience the RICOCHET difference!

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