The History of Medical Food

A Brief History of Medical Food

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Medical food is a relatively modern healthcare term, with a history that begins in the United States in the mid 20th century. These days, the use of medical food for patients is very common, offering improved healing for issues ranging from surgical recovery to cancer treatment. Ricochet Nutrition is proud to be a leader in advanced immunonutrient and medical food products in the 21st century. In today’s blog, we look back at the history of medical food.

History of Medical Food – The Origins of the Idea

Medical foods originated in the 1940s. Then, formulations of nutritious ingredients were made to provide elderly patients with healthy food that could be easily swallowed and digested. It helped prolong life and slow the progress of age-related illness.

Medical Food was popularized soon after during the 1960s, as special formulations were created to provide key nutrients for babies and infants. This was the first instance of commercially available Medical Food in the United States. However, the term “medical food” was not yet officially defined and classified, but the usefulness of these products created an important marketplace for nutrient-rich foods that could benefit those who were infirm or ill.

History of Medical Food – Definition and Classification

In 1972, the United States Food and Drug Administration officially recognized this new class of medical foods, providing an official classification as “foods for special dietary use”. This opened the door for broader commercial production of medical foods for use by many Americans suffering from illnesses.

The Orphan Drug Act, originally entered into law in 1973, was designed to provide incentives and resources for the development of “orphan drugs”. Orphan drug is a term used to define drugs that are not profitable enough for private pharmaceutical companies to manufacture. Therefore, they were “orphaned”, even though the drug is highly beneficial to medical patients in the United States. This was an important step for medical food. Even though it was not profitable at the time, producing it for the elderly, infants, and those suffering chronic health issues was extremely important for the health of these vulnerable groups.

The 1988 Orphan Drug Amendment to the Orphan Drug Act provided a more precise definition of Medical Foods, as follows: “a food which is formulated to be consumed or administered enterally under the supervision of a physician and which is intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements, based on recognized scientific principles, are established by medical evaluation”.

This definition created a clear classification for future developments in specially formulated nutrition products, benefitting countless patients with numerous health issues. From this point on, pioneering companies like Ricochet Nutrition were able to successfully market medical foods and make a difference in the lives of patients across the country.

Ricochet Nutrition Delivers the Future 

When it comes to advanced medical food products, Ricochet Nutrition has what you need. Contact us for more information and to order our products.

The Importance of Self-Care When Recovering from Surgery

Why You Need Self-Care When You’re Recovering from Surgery

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Recovering from surgery is no walk in the park. Your body has been through a lot, so you need to give it the opportunity to rest and relax. Pushing yourself too hard and not taking care of yourself will only prolong the recovery process. Make sure you’re taking your time during this healing.

Plan Ahead for Daily Activities

Depending on what surgical procedure you will be undergoing, you may need to plan for adaptive strategies as you are recovering at home. You may have significant limitations on the physical activities you can take on. So plan ahead for the daily necessities of life, from preparing food to getting to the restroom.

If you will be having surgery on a broken leg that will require a cast, you should plan for additional bathing preparations. If you are having lower back surgery and will not be able to walk up stairs without assistance, you will need to plan ahead and make sure that you have a bed and bathroom that are easily accessible. With a little planning, you can create a comfortable and accessible environment where you can recover fully.

Be Patient and Kind with Yourself

It can be difficult to be patient when you are waiting to recover from surgery. You may have limitations that simply don’t allow you to keep up with daily activities. So it is important to be patient with your healing, avoid rushing the process, and take the time to rest and relax.

As you are recovering from surgery, pay attention to your inner monologue, meaning the way that you think to yourself. It may sound silly, but having a positive and rational inner monologue can be very helpful, especially when dealing with frustration, limitations, and pain after surgery. It can be easy start feeling depressed, anxious, and angry with yourself as well as others, so make sure to be patient and kind to yourself. A positive attitude and gentle care for yourself will help you to feel better after surgery.

Eat and Drink Nutritiously

An important yet often overlooked aspect of self-care and recovering from surgery is a healthy diet of nutritious food and drink. With limited mobility, it can be difficult to prepare healthy and fresh meals every day, so it is important to plan ahead. Ricochet Nutrition is an excellent solution for exceptional recovery after surgery. Choose from the exceptional line of products from Ricochet for optimized recovery.

Recovering from Surgery with Ricochet Nutrition

If you’re recovering from surgery, Ricochet Nutrition can help. Our immunonutrition products are designed to give your body the nutrition it needs. Contact us today for more information and to order our products.

Immunonutrition Explained: Arginine

Immunonutrition Ingredients: Arginine

Nutrition Concept

Immunonutrition is something that not everyone is immediately familiar with. If you’ve never heard of it, and you’re about to undergo surgery, it’s worth learning about. Immunonutrition can help to accelerate your healing process. You may be curious about the ingredients we use in our immunonutrition drinks. The key ingredients we use at Ricochet Nutrition include arginine, glutamine, omega-3 fatty acids, nucleotides, and antioxidants. Today in the Ricochet Nutrition blog we’ll be talking about arginine and how it can help with your surgery recovery.

What is Arginine?

Put simply, arginine is an amino-acid that is a building block of important proteins. During surgery recovery, your body needs it to help accelerate the healing of wounds. It does this primarily with its ability to increase collagen deposits in those wounds.

The Benefits of Arginine

One of the biggest reasons arginine is essential for healing is the fact that a small portion of it acts as a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is essential because it helps to lower blood pressure, dilate your blood vessels, and help you have better cardiovascular health overall.

Another benefit of arginine is the fact that the kidneys use it to help remove waste products from your body. However, the heart benefits are the primary reason it’s used in immunonutrition products.  

Ailments and Diseases that Benefit from Arginine

Here are some specific ailments that can benefit from the boost of arginine provided in immunonutrition products:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Improves immune system response
  • Improves wound healing
  • Reduces high anxiety
  • Increases overall stamina
  • May increase memory abilities
  • Fights the aging process.

As you can see, arginine provides a wealth of health benefits which are especially beneficial when you’re recovering from surgery. And arginine is just one ingredient in our products. We optimize our products with a variety of incredible ingredients to bolster your body’s healing response.

Immunonutrition from Ricochet Nutrition

If you’re recovering from surgery, immunonutrition can help accelerate the process. The products at Ricochet Nutrition are designed to give you the nutrients you need during the recovery process. They’re also designed to help boost your immune system. For more information about immunonutrition and to order products from Ricochet Nutrition, contact us today. As leaders in the immunonutrition and medical food industry, you can trust that Ricochet Nutrition has formulated advanced products that will provide you with the key nutrients your body needs.

What to Expect When Recovering from Surgery

Recovering from Surgery: What You Can Expect

Person in surgery recovery

When you are planning for a surgical procedure, there are many things that you will need to understand and prepare for ahead of time. From minimizing pain to maximizing recovery, knowing what to expect after surgery can help you heal fully and get on with your life. Ricochet Nutrition is here to help with useful information, friendly customer service, and exceptional nutritional products that can improve your complete recovery. Read on in today’s blog for helpful information about what to expect when recovering from surgery.

Symptoms After Anesthesia

Many surgical procedures require the use of anesthesia, a pain management treatment that is widely used in many medical settings. There are common symptoms that patients experience after anesthesia, so it is important to be informed about what to expect. Constipation, difficulty urinating, nausea, and vomiting are side effects after anesthesia and may last for hours or even days after surgery takes place. These symptoms are not generally serious, but if you experience extended or extreme symptoms contact your doctor immediately.

Care for the Site of the Surgical Procedure

You may experience lingering pain at the site of the surgical procedure, particularly for surgeries that require substantial incisions or the removal of tissues or organs. This pain is often managed with prescribed pain medication, but some pain and discomfort is likely to remain. Take very good care of the incision site from your surgery, following the aftercare instructions provided by your doctor. You can expect some pain at the site of the surgical procedure, but with proper aftercare and a healthy daily routine, your pain will reduce substantially as time passes.

Reduced Mobility

In the days and weeks after surgery, you may experience discomfort and difficulty with daily activities. From going to the restroom to putting on a t-shirt, you can expect to have some reduced mobility as you recover. Planning ahead can make your recovery much more comfortable and easy. Make sure that you will have easy access to a comfortable bed, a restroom, medication, and healthy food, so you can rest easy and heal fully.

Ricochet Quick Tip: The pain and discomfort you experience after surgery is an important tool for knowing whether or not you are pushing yourself too far. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort during a particular activity, take that as an indication that you should pull back and heal more.

Self-Care for Complete Recovery

Perhaps the most important factor when recovering from surgery is the self-care that the patient performs. Self-care includes everything from following instructions for incision-site bandaging to asking for help getting up the front steps, from properly taking your after surgery medications to eating healthy and nutritious foods. Once the surgery is over and the patient has returned home, the self-care steps that a patient takes will determine their chances at a complete recovery. Medical food and immunonutrients from Ricochet Nutrition are a key component in nutritious self-care and a complete surgical recovery.

Recovering from Surgery with Ricochet Nutrition

If you’re recovering from surgery, Ricochet Nutrition can help. With our immunonutrition drinks, you can get the nutrients your body needs when it’s healing. It also helps to boost your immune system. For more information about our products or to order some today, contact us.

Ricochet Nutrition: Simple Ways You Can Prepare for Surgery

Simple Tips for Preparing for Surgery from Ricochet Nutrition

At Ricochet Nutrition, we are dedicated to improving health outcomes for patients going through serious medical situations. Our products are formulated to help you prepare for your medical treatment and optimize your recovery afterwards. There are many ways that you can prepare for surgery to ensure a complete recovery, and in today’s blog from Ricochet Nutrition, we will offer simple steps you can take to be ready.

Learn About Your Procedure

Before your surgery, seek the advice of your surgical medical team and ask any questions you have about the procedure. Ask about how you can expect to feel during and after the procedure. Ask about healing times, and what kind of limitations you should expect when you are recovering. Check with your team about the use of anesthesia during your procedure, and offer your preferences if there are choices to be made between different options. The more informed you are about the whole process, the less anxiety you will feel and the more control you will have.

Make a Pain Management Plan

Most types of surgery will result in some pain and discomfort during recovery, and often you will be prescribed pain management medication. Take the time to discuss your options with your medical team. It is important to properly manage the use of narcotic pain medication, and your doctor can help you make a plan.

Prepare for Convenience and Comfort After Surgery

When you come home from surgery, you will want to be ready to relax and feel comfortable, so you can have optimal rest and recovery. If your bedroom is upstairs, but you will not be able to climb stairs after surgery, prepare a comfy place to sleep on the first floor. Preparing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is also important, to accommodate stiffness and discomfort during your healing process. Specially designed clothing is available as well, for particular types of surgery, such as shirts that button at the arm which can be put on with ease even after shoulder surgery.

Prepare Your Pantry and Refrigerator

A healthy and complete diet is an important part of the recovery process, and that begins even before you go in for surgery. Prepare your kitchen by stocking up on healthy items you enjoy eating, because you won’t feel much like going to the supermarket after the surgery. Complete your preparation for a full recovery with immunonutrient rich Ricochet Nutrition products.

Ricochet Quick Tip: Make sure to avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine in the days and weeks before surgery.

Plan for Complete Recovery with Ricochet Nutrition

Maintaining your regular healthy diet is important for preparing for surgery, and the addition of immunonutrient rich Ricochet Nutrition is ideal for optimizing your recovery to maximize the health outcomes of your procedure. Consult with your medical team and the helpful staff at Ricochet to discover how our immunonutrient products can help you recover fully. Contact us today and prepare for a complete recovery!


Immunonutrition Explained: Antioxidants

What are Antioxidants? Immunonutrition Explained

Antioxidants are naturally occurring chemicals in the body that prevent a harmful process known as oxidation. Antioxidants can be found in many healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, and some antioxidants also occur naturally in the human body. Antioxidants are an immunonutrient, capable of decreasing the chances of infection and improving outcomes in cases of surgery and cancer treatment. Read on in today’s blog from Ricochet Nutrition to learn more about the immunonutritional benefits of antioxidants.

How Can Antioxidants Benefit Your Health?

Antioxidants combat “free radicals”, which cause harmful oxidation in the body. Free radicals are molecules in the body with an electron imbalance, making them highly reactive and damaging to other compounds in the body, particularly the structure of healthy cells. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent them from damaging cells in the body.

Cells that have been damaged by free radicals cannot perform their proper function, harming the natural processes of the immune system and the healing processes in the body, among many other important functions. Cells that have been damaged by free radicals also have difficulty reproducing properly, resulting in cellular mutations that can cause cancer. It is clearly very important to have an ample supply of antioxidants, as well as other immunonutrients, to protect your body, particularly when your body is weak due to illness, injury or surgery.

What Ailments Benefit from Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are important for recovering from many types of ailments, promoting healing and preventing roadblocks to recovery. Antioxidants reduce the chances of infection, assisting your body to recover and improving outcomes for patients undergoing surgery and cancer treatment. Antioxidants improve the healing of wounds, both infected and non-infected, by preventing harmful damage from oxidizing free radicals.

Antioxidants have been shown to have a role in the prevention of cancers in the lung, breast, prostate, stomach, intestine and colon, among others. Antioxidants are also beneficial in recovery after cancer treatment as well. Whether for recovery from surgery, recovery from cancer treatment, or healing after injury, immunonutrients like antioxidants play an important role in recovery.

Advanced Immunonutrition from Ricochet

Ricochet Nutrition products offer advanced formulations of many immunonutrients, and antioxidants are an important part. Delivering substantial benefits for patients and improved results for many types of health issues, Ricochet Nutrition can help you optimize the outcome of your medical procedure. If you are ready to discover everything Ricochet can offer, contact us on our website today or give us a call at (417) 777-0797.

Is Ricochet Nutrition Right for Me?

Helpful Information for Deciding If Ricochet Nutrition is Right for You

If you have been reading about the great benefits of Ricochet Nutrition products, you may be wondering if Ricochet is right for you. Ricochet Nutrition products can help in many health situations, from injury recovery to cancer treatment, but are they right for your particular health situation? If you are uncertain, contact our team and speak to your doctor about the benefits of immunonutrient rich Ricochet products. Read on in today’s blog for helpful guidance for situations where Ricochet can help you.

What Situations Benefit from Ricochet Nutrition?

Ricochet is intended to be used in combination with a healthy diet to optimize the physiological processes your body uses to combat stress, infections and illnesses. This means that Ricochet can help in situations of injury or surgery, helping muscles and vital organs recover on a cellular level.

Drinking Ricochet as a part of your surgery or cancer treatment can fortify your immune system and optimize the outcome of your medical care. For recovery in many kinds of situations, from infection to injury, from surgery to cancer treatment, Ricochet nutrition can provide exceptional health benefits that improve outcomes.

Ricochet Quick Tip: Ricochet has been shown to be helpful in many situations, but it is still important to consult with a trusted medical professional, and use Ricochet products in harmony with a healthy diet.

When Should I Use Ricochet Nutrition?

Ricochet Nutrition has been specifically formulated to benefit patients as a part of the preoperative and postoperative process, before and after surgery or cancer treatment. It is recommended to use Ricochet Nutrition products for six days before your medical procedure and for six days afterward as well. Each day, it is recommended to have two Ricochet drinks, in addition to your regular healthy diet.

The regimen of immunonutrients in Ricochet is designed to provide your body with the nutritional resources that will be necessary to fully recover from the medical treatment, optimizing the health outcomes of your medical procedure.

Ricochet Nutrition for Optimized Recovery

At Ricochet Nutrition, the health and wellness of our customers is our number one priority, and we think it should be yours too! Taking good care of yourself, especially when you are going through demanding medical situations, will pay healthy dividends for the rest of your life. If you are ready to discover how Ricochet Nutrition can help, contact us on our website or call our helpful staff at (417) 777-0797.

Immunonutrition Explained: Glutamine

What is Glutamine? Immunonutrition Explained

Glutamine is an important amino acid, a building block of protein, with beneficial properties for the immune system, gut health, muscle healing and organ healing, as well as other essential physiological processes in the body. For these reasons, glutamine is considered an immunonutrient, which means that it has properties that help boost the immune system and aid in the body’s ability to protect and heal itself.

Immunonutrients help in the recovery process, whether you are recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, immunonutrients can optimize your recovery process, so that you can achieve the best possible outcome from your treatment. In today’s blog from Ricochet Nutrition, we will explore the benefits of Glutamine for immunonutrition.

How Can Glutamine Help My Recovery?

Glutamine provides fuel for the cells in the body, in the form of nitrogen and carbon. After surgery, injury, or any other damage to muscles and organs, nitrogen is required by cells to heal damaged tissue and recover lost strength and function. Whether you are undergoing surgery, recovering from a sports injury, or you are simply serious about working out, glutamine is an important part of the nutrients necessary to keep you healthy and strong.

Glutamine provides the building blocks for essential amino acids and proteins. This makes it an important part of the many building blocks required for the cells in your immune system. For example, Glutamine increases the responses of T-cells to mitogenic stimulation, an important factor in the immune system’s ability to protect against cancer. Glutamine also increases cellular antibody production, a critical factor in broad spectrum immunotherapy treatment.

What Medical Issues Can Benefit from Glutamine?

Glutamine is an important part of healing damaged tissues in muscle and vital organs. It helps in preventing infection, particularly after illness, injury or surgery, when the body is at its weakest and requires fortified immune response. The nitrogen generative properties of glutamine make it beneficial for the healing of wounds and damaged vital organs, so it is of particular benefit after many kinds of surgery and injury.

Chemotherapy treatment for cancer often causes reduced levels of glutamine in the body, so it is an important immunonutrient for the protection of tissues affected by cancer and cancer treatments. Muscle wasting is a common side effect of cancer treatment as well as treatment for HIV/AIDS, and glutamine is an important part of preventing this side effect. Your body’s natural effort to fight against muscle wasting can exhaust the supply of glutamine in the body, necessitating supplemental glutamine in the form of immunonutrients.

Immunonutrition from Ricochet

Glutamine is just one of many important immunonutrients that can be found in Ricochet Nutrient products. With myriad health benefits, improving healing and immune system function for patients in many medical situations, immunonutrition from Ricochet is a valuable part of your recovery plan. Contact us on our website today, or give us a call at (417) 777-0797.

How to Best Use Your Ricochet Nutrition Products

Guide to Using Your Ricochet Nutrition Products

People running outside

In previous blogs, we’ve explained how our products work, what they do, and how they help with surgery recovery. Still, sometimes people ask us how best to use our products. Today in the Ricochet Nutrition blog, we’ll give you a quick guide to show you the best way to use our products and optimize their benefits.

Do I Just Drink This By Itself?

Remember, Ricochet Nutrition products are meant to be a supplement for the surgery recovery process. They are not a meal replacement, and they are not a medication. RICOCHET is not meant to replace the supplements, diets, and medicines that are prescribed to you by your doctor. Our products are meant to help bolster your immune system through a unique blend of critical nutrients. When you use them along with the recommended programs from your doctor, you’ll be able to see the amazing recovery results.

You also need to be using it while following a healthy diet. RICOCHET provides nutrients for a stronger immune system, but it isn’t meant to give you the nutrients you need to sustain daily function. Having a poor diet is sure to weaken your immune system, which makes it harder for Ricochet Nutrition products to help optimize your body’s recovery process.

When Do I Drink It?

If you’re using Ricochet Nutrition products to help you while you’re recovering from surgery or chemotherapy, you need to drink two bottles a day for six days before and after your surgery or treatment. This allows the nutrients to build up in your body and fortify your immune system.

When you undergo surgery, your immune system is significantly weakened, especially if the surgery is highly invasive. Ricochet Nutrition products help your immune system optimize itself so that the potential complications after surgery are greatly reduced.

Contact Ricochet Nutrition Today

If you want to give your immune system a boost before and after surgery or cancer treatment, Ricochet Nutrition has the products you’re looking for. We’ve put in extensive years of research to make sure our products work. With immunonutrition, you can truly see a difference in your surgery recovery process.Our products are also conveniently packaged in 12 and 24 bottle containers, so you can plan out your supplements before your surgery. Contact us today for more information about our products and how they work. We’re happy to help.

Preparing for Spine Surgery: Expectations

Spine Surgery: What to Expect

Woman holding her hand on her spine

Spine surgery is a serious procedure, so it’s understandable to be nervous about it. If you’re about to undergo a spine surgery procedure, you can ease your stress a little by knowing what to expect. Today in the Ricochet Nutrition blog, we’ll explain in further depth what you can expect on the day of the surgery.

What to Expect: Days and Weeks Before Surgery

In the days and weeks preceding your spine surgery, you’ll be given specific instructions from your doctor as to what you need to do. If you happen to be on any medications, like blood thinners, they’ll most likely advise you to stop taking these medications. You’ll also likely have a medical evaluation and get cleared for surgery in the weeks leading up to the procedure. These appointments are fairly standard, and are certainly nothing to worry about. Also, you’ll likely be advised to not eat anything for a specific amount of time before the actual surgery.

What to Expect: The Day of the Spine Surgery

The day of the spine surgery, you’ll arrive to the surgery center and check in. You’ll most likely undergo a preoperative exam before being put under with an anesthesia. Spine surgery can be very invasive, so you can expect to be asleep throughout the entire surgery process. If you have any questions about this, be sure to ask your anesthesiologist and they can explain it in further depth. You’ll be transferred to the operating room before they put you under. Once you’re in a deep state of anesthesia, they’ll begin your spine surgery. You’ll wake up some time later.

What to Expect: After the Surgery

After spine surgery, you may have to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time, or you may be able to go home that same day. It all depends on the procedure itself. After you’re fully awake, your doctor will explain all of this to you, as well as what you need to do for recovery.

Enhance Your Recovery with Ricochet Nutrition

If you’re undergoing spine surgery, you’ll likely have a fairly lengthy surgery recovery process. Ricochet Nutrition products are specially designed to help optimize the surgery recovery process. Through extensive research, we have created a product that can truly help advance your recovery by enhancing your immune system with critical nutrients. For more information about our products, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about recovering with immunonutrition products.

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