Why You Need Self-Care When You’re Recovering from Surgery

Relaxing at home

Recovering from surgery is no walk in the park. Your body has been through a lot, so you need to give it the opportunity to rest and relax. Pushing yourself too hard and not taking care of yourself will only prolong the recovery process. Make sure you’re taking your time during this healing.

Plan Ahead for Daily Activities

Depending on what surgical procedure you will be undergoing, you may need to plan for adaptive strategies as you are recovering at home. You may have significant limitations on the physical activities you can take on. So plan ahead for the daily necessities of life, from preparing food to getting to the restroom.

If you will be having surgery on a broken leg that will require a cast, you should plan for additional bathing preparations. If you are having lower back surgery and will not be able to walk up stairs without assistance, you will need to plan ahead and make sure that you have a bed and bathroom that are easily accessible. With a little planning, you can create a comfortable and accessible environment where you can recover fully.

Be Patient and Kind with Yourself

It can be difficult to be patient when you are waiting to recover from surgery. You may have limitations that simply don’t allow you to keep up with daily activities. So it is important to be patient with your healing, avoid rushing the process, and take the time to rest and relax.

As you are recovering from surgery, pay attention to your inner monologue, meaning the way that you think to yourself. It may sound silly, but having a positive and rational inner monologue can be very helpful, especially when dealing with frustration, limitations, and pain after surgery. It can be easy start feeling depressed, anxious, and angry with yourself as well as others, so make sure to be patient and kind to yourself. A positive attitude and gentle care for yourself will help you to feel better after surgery.

Eat and Drink Nutritiously

An important yet often overlooked aspect of self-care and recovering from surgery is a healthy diet of nutritious food and drink. With limited mobility, it can be difficult to prepare healthy and fresh meals every day, so it is important to plan ahead. Ricochet Nutrition is an excellent solution for exceptional recovery after surgery. Choose from the exceptional line of products from Ricochet for optimized recovery.

Recovering from Surgery with Ricochet Nutrition

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