Simple Tips for Preparing for Surgery from Ricochet Nutrition

At Ricochet Nutrition, we are dedicated to improving health outcomes for patients going through serious medical situations. Our products are formulated to help you prepare for your medical treatment and optimize your recovery afterwards. There are many ways that you can prepare for surgery to ensure a complete recovery, and in today’s blog from Ricochet Nutrition, we will offer simple steps you can take to be ready.

Learn About Your Procedure

Before your surgery, seek the advice of your surgical medical team and ask any questions you have about the procedure. Ask about how you can expect to feel during and after the procedure. Ask about healing times, and what kind of limitations you should expect when you are recovering. Check with your team about the use of anesthesia during your procedure, and offer your preferences if there are choices to be made between different options. The more informed you are about the whole process, the less anxiety you will feel and the more control you will have.

Make a Pain Management Plan

Most types of surgery will result in some pain and discomfort during recovery, and often you will be prescribed pain management medication. Take the time to discuss your options with your medical team. It is important to properly manage the use of narcotic pain medication, and your doctor can help you make a plan.

Prepare for Convenience and Comfort After Surgery

When you come home from surgery, you will want to be ready to relax and feel comfortable, so you can have optimal rest and recovery. If your bedroom is upstairs, but you will not be able to climb stairs after surgery, prepare a comfy place to sleep on the first floor. Preparing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is also important, to accommodate stiffness and discomfort during your healing process. Specially designed clothing is available as well, for particular types of surgery, such as shirts that button at the arm which can be put on with ease even after shoulder surgery.

Prepare Your Pantry and Refrigerator

A healthy and complete diet is an important part of the recovery process, and that begins even before you go in for surgery. Prepare your kitchen by stocking up on healthy items you enjoy eating, because you won’t feel much like going to the supermarket after the surgery. Complete your preparation for a full recovery with immunonutrient rich Ricochet Nutrition products.

Ricochet Quick Tip: Make sure to avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine in the days and weeks before surgery.

Plan for Complete Recovery with Ricochet Nutrition

Maintaining your regular healthy diet is important for preparing for surgery, and the addition of immunonutrient rich Ricochet Nutrition is ideal for optimizing your recovery to maximize the health outcomes of your procedure. Consult with your medical team and the helpful staff at Ricochet to discover how our immunonutrient products can help you recover fully. Contact us today and prepare for a complete recovery!


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