What is Glutamine? Immunonutrition Explained

Glutamine is an important amino acid, a building block of protein, with beneficial properties for the immune system, gut health, muscle healing and organ healing, as well as other essential physiological processes in the body. For these reasons, glutamine is considered an immunonutrient, which means that it has properties that help boost the immune system and aid in the body’s ability to protect and heal itself.

Immunonutrients help in the recovery process, whether you are recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, immunonutrients can optimize your recovery process, so that you can achieve the best possible outcome from your treatment. In today’s blog from Ricochet Nutrition, we will explore the benefits of Glutamine for immunonutrition.

How Can Glutamine Help My Recovery?

Glutamine provides fuel for the cells in the body, in the form of nitrogen and carbon. After surgery, injury, or any other damage to muscles and organs, nitrogen is required by cells to heal damaged tissue and recover lost strength and function. Whether you are undergoing surgery, recovering from a sports injury, or you are simply serious about working out, glutamine is an important part of the nutrients necessary to keep you healthy and strong.

Glutamine provides the building blocks for essential amino acids and proteins. This makes it an important part of the many building blocks required for the cells in your immune system. For example, Glutamine increases the responses of T-cells to mitogenic stimulation, an important factor in the immune system’s ability to protect against cancer. Glutamine also increases cellular antibody production, a critical factor in broad spectrum immunotherapy treatment.

What Medical Issues Can Benefit from Glutamine?

Glutamine is an important part of healing damaged tissues in muscle and vital organs. It helps in preventing infection, particularly after illness, injury or surgery, when the body is at its weakest and requires fortified immune response. The nitrogen generative properties of glutamine make it beneficial for the healing of wounds and damaged vital organs, so it is of particular benefit after many kinds of surgery and injury.

Chemotherapy treatment for cancer often causes reduced levels of glutamine in the body, so it is an important immunonutrient for the protection of tissues affected by cancer and cancer treatments. Muscle wasting is a common side effect of cancer treatment as well as treatment for HIV/AIDS, and glutamine is an important part of preventing this side effect. Your body’s natural effort to fight against muscle wasting can exhaust the supply of glutamine in the body, necessitating supplemental glutamine in the form of immunonutrients.

Immunonutrition from Ricochet

Glutamine is just one of many important immunonutrients that can be found in Ricochet Nutrient products. With myriad health benefits, improving healing and immune system function for patients in many medical situations, immunonutrition from Ricochet is a valuable part of your recovery plan. Contact us on our website today, or give us a call at (417) 777-0797.

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