How Immunonutrition Postoperative Care Differs from Traditional Postoperative Care

Immunonutritional Postoperative Care Versus Traditional Postoperative Care Having a surgical procedure performed on your body is one of life’s most challenging events. Whether it’s a major surgery like the removal of cancerous tissue, a total knee replacement, or something as Read More »

Immunonutrition and Chemotherapy Treatment Recovery

Can Immunonutrition Help Me Recover From Chemotherapy Treatment? A cancer diagnosis is probably one of the most feared life events, leading the patient and the family into unknown territory. Cancer treatment can involve major surgery, chemotherapy, and significant lifestyle changes. Read More »

The Importance of Nutrition When You are Recovering From Surgery

How Nutrition Can Affect You When Recovering From Surgery Whether young or old, male or female, you will most likely experience a surgical procedure at some point in your life. This may range from a break in the skin requiring Read More »

Recovering Quickly from Spine Surgery

Best Ways to Recover Quickly from Spine Surgery You’ve probably said “Oh…My aching back!” one too many times and now you are scheduled for some type of back surgery to relieve the ache. Back or spine surgery can bring big Read More »

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