What if it makes me sick?

Stop using RICOCHET and contact your physician.

Do I drink this instead of eating normal meals?

RICOCHET is not for meal replacement and should be taken along with your normal daily meals.

Can I order different amounts of each flavor?

RICOCHET is packaged in a 6-pack. You can order different quantities of each flavor in 12 bottle increments.

How long before and after surgery/chemo do I do this?

Under a physician’s supervision you should drink one bottle of RICOCHET twice a day for 6 days before and 6 days after surgery. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, drink one bottle of RICOCHET twice a day for 3 days Read More »

Can I buy this product in a local store/pharmacy?

RICOCHET is available in some local stores and pharmacies.

Can I pay once the product is delivered?

Payment must be received prior to delivery.

Can I pay with a check?

Online payment has been set up for use with a debit or credit card.  For other payment options please call 417-777-0797 or email info@ricochetnutrition.com.

What evidence proves to me that this product works?

Perioperative nutritional support with immunonutrition has been extensively studied with nearly 100 publications spanning over 15 years of clinical trials and research.  For more information visit our Research Page.

What causes a surgical site infection (SSI)?

Infections after surgery are caused by germs called microorganisms.  Other risk factors also include having a weakened immune system, surgery that lasts more than two hours, having other medical problems or diseases, being an elderly adult, being overweight, smoking, having Read More »

Should I continue to drink this weeks and months after my surgery/cancer treatment?

One bottle of RICOCHET twice a day for 6 days before and 6 days after surgery will support your nutritional needs while undergoing major elective surgery or cancer treatments.  Any and all uses of RICOCHET should be done under a physician’s Read More »

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